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Can't wait, can't wait…

In ten minutes or so, the recipient of the permanent account should have received it. If LiveJournal does its job, that is. :-P

Normally I'd have said nothing of the sort until after the event, because that would blow the surprise. But it seems like she'd be out drinking all night long (it ought to be 11-odd where she is), and I am a bit bored at the mo, so I thought I'd type something.

I put forward the person I nominated because I think she is 100% deserving of a permanent account, and because (seeing as nobody on my friends list knows her) I figured no one would nominate her if I didn't. I put up the poll to see who would get nominated most, and to see if there were some really brilliant nominations that outshone mine.

The nomination for Vicki was spot on: I think that she would be very deserving too, and I was sorely tempted to get her a permanent account. As I said, if I could afford more, I'd get permanent accounts for all three Charlie's Angels. So, it shouldn't surprise anybody that my own nomination was for another Angel.

This is for a friend whom I've known for close on three years, back in Blurty, back when she was 18. She singlehandedly changed Blurty's cultural landscape by starting an initiative to enforce Blurty's 18+ rule. Around the time I left Blurty, it appeared a most successful exercise.

She is an online personality once known (and, in underage crowds, feared) as Girl Friday. However, I've always called her Special K, because I'm strange like that. :-P On LiveJournal, she's been the source of many interesting and insightful stories (and memes!).

But much more than that, she provided vital affirmation in my life's darkest moment, and that favour is one I shall never forget. Thank you Kari—I truly owe you one.

And in other news, I'd like to wish Special K a very special birthday!


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