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The (long) weekend in brief

I'm going to start following danielspragg's convention of using people's initials, just to save myself a bit of typing (first time I ever mention anyone, I'll use their name)—unless I don't know their initials, of course. If this irritates you, run my journal entries over cpp(1) first. :-)

This is a long entry, so I'm applying lj-cut on it.


Went shopping at St Lukes, to buy a birthday/engagement present for Alison (alg). Came quite close to finding the Right Item, but by then I was in a rush to leave. I was to meet Glenn (gcw) to see Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, better-known here as Amelie. I'd definitely like to see that film again.

And I do agree with starlajo, Audrey Tautou is gorgeous. :-)


Around 18.00, met Sherry and some of the SDK people, as well as Dave (dac), Matt (mgg), Shannon (swm), and possibly others I know. gcw was around, and we had dinner together (for various values of together) before most of the SDK crowd headed to Bar None, and gcw, mgg, and I headed off to meet Daniel (drs) near QE2 square, where Dancing in the Street was to be held.

mgg left early, but we were soon joined by Dave (djsb) and various friends of djsb. djsb is a really lively dancer, and we could enjoy ourselves by just watching. (No, that's not really it.) gcw and I eventually went into the dancing area, where I was checking out a couple of people. One had a hair style that was almost identical to gcw's, and could for all intents and purposes look like an older gcw. As for the other…

See that person with long blond hair, in a brown leather jacket? I notice him a lot.
See the one in red? [Next to the person I was looking at.] I notice her a lot.

Some time later, Vicki (vjh) arrived, and asked why we were not dancing (you see, I was too busy staring at people). ‘Well, you can check people out while dancing!’ gcw and I took our turns telling vjh of the people we were looking at; vjh thought the blond guy was ‘poetic-looking’, and understood why I found him attractive. Melanie (mcl) and Heloise (hcl) eventually turned up as well.

After too much dancing, gcw and I decided to meet up with drs (who was not dancing at all) to get a drink. We went to Subway at Wyndham St, and bumped into Jon (djsb's friend; I still don't know how to spell the name, nor the initials). It turned out that Jon had managed to get in touch with Jessamy (whose name I know the spelling of, but whose initials I found too long to remember :-)), who had now moved to Invercargill. Some of us (Jon especially) missed Jessamy terribly much, so being in touch was a very good thing.

Eventually, we met Faith and some friends, as well as dac, swm, and some SDK people. Near wrapping-up time, fire dancers on stilts brought the event to a bright finish (pun intended).

Went to the Playhouse afterwards; was too tired by then to remember who was there, except that I remembered that Alex Grant turned up. After some difficulty with keeping awake, vjh and I decided to share a taxi and go home.


After a long absence, Elena (hnt) finally showed up on ICQ; apparently, the last two weeks was spent recovering from an injured inner cushion ligament in a knee. Talked about the flatting situation (for vjh and gcw's information, that's my friend who was going to start flatting in March), dating troubles, and job hunting, among many other things (hnt and I always have things to talk about :-)).

Around 18.00, went to Canton Cafe (in New North Rd) for dinner. Last time another family shouted us a $300 dinner, so this time my grandmother decided to shout (turned out to be $300 as well; when you order crayfish and prawns, the price goes up significantly). For those unacquainted with Hong Kong dining etiquette, it's considered a great honour to be able to shout others dinner, and often people at a table would compete for the privilege of being the one to pay. Of course, the more you pay, the better. :-)

After that, went to Starlight Symphony; of our group, drs, vjh, mcl, hcl, and James (jdb) were there already, and dac, mgg, and Cameron Elliot decided to meet us as well. vjh and I spent some time talking about ‘the usual topic’ (what a recent drs LiveJournal entry called ‘important issues’), before heading off with mcl, hcl, and jdb to explore some of the park.

Turned out that around the corner, there were some kids' rides; one in particular, The Scream Machine, got vjh and jdb interested; judging from their reactions on the ride, I'd be more inclined to call it The Laugh Machine. The rest of us commented on the person at vjh's right, who looked as if she was about to suffer motion sickness.

After the event, we were on the way to drs's place for some drinks, when we bumped into Elanor and Steve and Jayden (well, at least I recognised Elanor, even if not the other two). Considering that they live in Thames now, it was good to see them.

Some of us went to Gamestream; Ryan and Dylan were there (among several others), ridiculing the BRN&GTBRNT campaign, saying that the language of young people aged between 12 and 24 is English, not ‘txtspk’.

After running out of things to do, vjh, drs, mcl, hcl, jdb, and I headed to Departure Lounge, and ended up talking about ‘the usual topic’. This could probably go on forever, if not for fatigue. :-)


In the afternoon, the bFM Summer Series was on at Albert Park; we went in two groups, vjh, mcl, and hcl in one, and drs, dac, and me in the other. Along the way, bumped into djsb and Mike Coster.

Nothing much to write about, except that the people here seemed less worthy of checking out than at Friday's event. Maybe this has to do with gcw not being around; I usually find such an activity more enjoyable when doing it with a fellow bi, for reasons unknown.


Nothing much. There was a Music in Parks event at Pt Chev, but drs didn't want to go. gcw wanted to see Amelie again, but I was hoping that others would come along also before doing that, and so left it for another day. gcw also wanted to come to my place to update, but had trouble arranging transportation. So, all in all, nothing.

Well, no, not nothing. I spent some time catching up on various mailing lists (INFP and technoweenies are the usual two), and updating my LiveJournal, of course.

Shite, work tomorrow (for various values of tomorrow).


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