Chris, the Young One (hedgee) wrote,
Chris, the Young One

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Happy birthday Nick

(Or is it ‘Neeck’? :-)) Anyway, there's only a few minutes left before midnight in your timezone, so I'm typing this up quickly. Umm, happy 21st and all that.

The stuff below has nothing to do with your birthday, but I felt I achieved something around the time of writing this, so I gratuitously chucked it in.

In other news, I got Ogg Vorbis working on my system now (which runs on OpenBSD, for the benefit of the Linux weenies out there :-P), without audible defects, so yippee! Now I can really say goodbye to MP3s for good.

The current version of ogg123 (the reference Ogg Vorbis player) also supports HTTP streaming, which is very cool; now I can go to the music page on, say, and listen to the tracks without having to download them in advance.

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