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A week with Glenn and Elena

Excuse me for taking so long to update. I promise (for various values of promise) to write something about the Wellington and Melbourne trips, sometime.

(By the way, allow me to introduce you to hnt, who has just joined LiveJournal.)


After I got back to Auckland from Wellington, I met up with gcw and hnt, and discussed various things: recent life events, infatuations, various losers, plans for Friday (gcw was to meet up with the new acquaintance who went to Terry's party the day before, and I arranged to see a film with hnt), and last but not least, flatting. The three of us are planning to move out and flat sometime this month (emphasis on planning: I don't know whether it'll actually happen).

At gcw's flat, it was discovered that there was suddenly free internet, courtesy of Kevin (zfree account and all that). So, if Kate (the one I met in Wellington) is reading this, you'll be glad to know that you can now email gcw. :-)


I met up with gcw after hours and went to Mission Bay; texted hnt, but got no answer. Did a half-hearted attempt at looking for a suitable residence in the newspaper, yielding no results (of course). Chatted about all sorts of things, like substitute motherhood. When I was back at gcw's place, we had a medium-length chat while gcw sat on the chair on the deck and looked pretty in the moonlight. :-)

In the flat it was full house as usual. Adelle talked about the relationship between colours and tone pitches and other interesting topics. It was quite cool that Adelle was good at picking up colour, and I at pitches; they are, from what I've heard since I was a child, rare gifts. We also got a few drops of rescue remedy: I've read about Bach remedies before, but never had the opportunity to try in the past. So it's all good.


After work, I was supposed to meet hnt, who turned out to be late. While I was waiting, I spotted a good-looking guy with red flowing hair, the type I usually dream about. But he's got a girlfriend! :-(

Anyway, after meeting up for dinner and drink and talking about various things, like cross-dressing, our commitments to not have kids, and various other personal things that I'm not allowed to mention, we went to see Amelie (again, in my case). Yep, I still love that film, as did hnt (who will see it again).

Then we walked to my place (the car was there), where we had a medium-length chat while I showed some of my favourite photos (including the ones from my twenty-first birthday :-)). All in all, it was an excellent evening.


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