Chris, the Young One (hedgee) wrote,
Chris, the Young One

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defensive venting (Chris's attempt at bluntness)

some people think i'm not good enough
they think i'm too harsh, too pessimistic
and they say i burst their bubble too much
they think i'm trying to wreck their hopes
yet it's so easy to forget that in being judged
my own little hopes are being wrecked too
hey, we're all different
i've had enough of dumping friends for it
two was already too much for me
i try to handle fragility with care
and hope that they'd do the same for me
however much they find me annoying

Isn't it a bit oxymoronic when I talk bluntly like this and claim that ‘I try to handle fragility with care’ in the same breath?

The last line used to read ‘however much they hate me deep inside’. I changed it because I don't want to accuse anyone—much less the subject of this piece—of hating me. However, Sarah thinks that ‘annoying’ sounds rather trivial. Hopefully the reader will get what I'm trying to say, by drawing a line between the two ideas, expressed by the previous and current forms.


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