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So, I'm finally compelled to make some payments over the internet, and so I thought, okay, let's make a PayPal account. I couldn't have imagined it to be so…fishing for a nice word here…involved.

The first barrier came when it asked for the ‘security code’ on my credit card. I never actually figured out what it did—certainly a quick visit to didn't reveal anything. Oh well.

The next step was even more vexing. To confirm that I'm the real card holder, they charge $1 on the card (where the payee line contains a confirmation code), and ask me to type that code in. Great! Seems I'll have to head to a bank sometime.

Ah, but wait, you say, doesn't your bank offer internet banking? Well, it does, but it might take them up to 5 business days to set up an account. Looks like it might just be a teensy bit quicker to get the information I need in person.

In other news, anyone who looks at my user information page will realise that I exclusively use the web interface to write entries. This has two benefits:

  • If I'm using some losing operating system (which I'm not—everyone knows that OpenBSD rocks :-)), no one has to know. So far, nearly every other client program I've seen appears to give some indication of which platform it runs on.
  • Lynx allows me to edit textarea fields using vi(1). This is an unbeatable feature.

Anyway, I've been up long enough. Gotta get up early enough tomorrow (for various values of ‘tomorrow’) to get to the GE Free rally at noon!


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