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At long last

Having finally become totally sick of the original LiveJournal view style I was using, I decided to write one of my own. This one slightly resembles the layout of my personal website.

Two issues:

  • Currently, only the lastn view is done. That means that my friends list, calendar, &c still show up in the old style. I intend to work on those Real Soon Now.
  • Though you are most free to use my style in your journal (it has styleid 84993), you will probably find that it only looks right for entries that I wrote. The reason is that I use special formatting for my entries (observant readers will notice that I always choose the ‘don't auto-format’ option). Specifically, you must use real paragraphs, not the half-baked ones simulated by LiveJournal's auto-format mode, for my style to work correctly.

I should perhaps mention that my CSS knowledge is somewhat limited, so you will see inconsistencies: for example, paragraphs will be filled properly, but lists will be right-rugged. Suggestions on how to improve the stylesheet would be welcome; thanks in advance.

[2002-05-11: Updated the style so that auto-formatted entries display more correctly (i.e., 36em wide, rather than whole window width); of course, they still don't have the paragraph-style formatting my entries have (first-line indent with zero spacing between paragraphs). Also, added support for protected/private indicators, as well as theme colours.]

[2002-05-12: Added support for userpics and altposters. The former is currently implemented using the background-image CSS property rather than content, for compatibility with Mozilla. With this change, the style is now complete.]


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